Your privacy is very important to me. This declaration is intended to inform you about kind, extent and purpose of data processing taking place on this site. By visiting this site and all its associated pages (hereinafter called site), personal data (hereinafter called data) about you as a user of this site is processed. The processing exclusively takes place on the basis of legal regulations (GDPR, TCA 2003).

Data controller

Accessing this site

When accessing this site, following data about you is processed:

  • Your IP address
  • Timestamp of your access
  • Page you have accessed
  • HTTP status code of your access
  • Size of transfered data
  • Type of your browser
  • Version of your browser
  • Your operation system
  • HTTP referer (the page you have visited previously)

This data is processed for the purpose of operation, security and optimization of this site, as well as statistical analysis. The data is stored in logfiles of a webserver. After a period of 14 days these logfiles are automatically deleted from the webserver.

Inquiries by mail

For inquiries or contact via mail, following data about you is processed:

  • Your name
  • Your mail address
  • Timestamp of your inquiry
  • Content of your inquiry

This data is collected for the purpose of processing the inquiry. The data is stored in mail files of a mailserver. After the inquiry is fully processed these mail files are deleted from the mailserver.

Comments in blog posts

If you leave comments in blog posts, following data about you is processed:

  • Your name (optional)
  • Your mail address (optional)
  • Address of your website (optional)
  • Content of your comment
  • Timestamp of the comment creation
  • Timestamps of further comment edits
  • Your IP address

This data is collected for the purpose of providing the commenting functionality in blog posts. The data is stored in a local database file of a webserver and saved as long as this site exists. You can edit or delete comments that you have created within a period of 15 minutes. Comments that you create will be reviewed first before they are published on the site. This is for personal protection, as I am responsible for the content of this site and therefore, I can be prosecuted for illegal comments you make.

Cookies for comments

Cookies are small files which store data generated by a website that may be related to your device or yourself. If you create comments in blog posts on this site, cookies are stored on your device. This is done for the purpose of providing comment editing and deleting functionality. Cookies for a short time identify you as creator of comments. This allows you to edit or delete comments for a period of 15 minutes after comment creation. Cookies expire after this period and are then automatically deleted by your browser.

You by yourself can influence how cookies are stored on your device. Common browsers can be configured to limit or fully prevent the storage of cookies. However, I point out that if your browser blocks the storage of cookies, you won’t be able to delete or edit comments after you have created them.

Your rights

You as user of this site have the right to receive the data that is stored about you free of charge upon request. Further, you have the right to request the correction of wrong data, as well as blocking and deletion of data stored about you, as far as no legal storage obligation contradicts with this. If you have any concern regarding this, write me a mail and I will take care of your concern.