Welcome, I am Florian Latifi and this is my blog where I write about topics regarding software development. In my posts I cover problems I faced while working on my projects and provide solutions I came up with.

Sharing my experience with others through this blog allows me to get a deeper understanding of the things I do. It also helps me to improve my writing skills and get in touch with other people who have the same interests. So I always welcome feedback, questions or other comments which you can leave in the comment sections of the posts. You can also write me directly via mail. Have a look at my contact page for further details.

What I do

Currently, I am studying for a PhD in computer science at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. My work as a researcher at the Insitute for System Software focuses on compiler technology and virtual machines. In concrete, I am working in cooperation with Oracle Labs on the GraalVM project. The goal is to improve the Graal compiler and reduce it’s overall compilation time by speeding up it’s partial evaluation mechanism.

During my master’s studies I worked as a student researcher at the same institute. My past research focused on functional and reactive programming in the context of large-scale and distributed web applications. In concrete, I was working with CELUM on their new web application called Workrooms. The goal was to identify how these paradigms could be used to improve the performance of the database queries that are used in Workrooms.

About this site

This site is hosted on a Debian virtual machine provided by Netcup and served by an Nginx web server. The site content is statically generated with Jekyll using the whiteglass theme. The comments are provided by a self-hosted Isso comments server.